Professional expertise

Analysis of optical properties

Transmission, reflection and absorbtion of of optical elements are key information for producing or developing new (optical) technologies. Therefore, we provide best performing and simple to use instruments for the lab or inline systems.

Our systems contain well suited integrating spheres with Halogene or Xenon lamps as light sources from UV to NIR/IR. Using well selected optical elements for light collection, combined with optical fibres allow us to separate  the location of measurement from the analysis of the light using a spectrograph.  This improves system stability and flexibility.

Thin film analysis and color measurements

We provide analysis tool to derive film properties from a measured spectrum. With basic knowledge of a multi-layer stack system it is possible to evaluate the thickness and refraction index of each layer. 

Furthermore we provide color evaluation, that is highly interesting in production of windows for automobiles or buildings, i.e. thermal protections.

Raman spectroscopy

We are able to provide confocal Raman sensor systems from third parties to be implemented in a customers environment and to its needs. Most of the systems have a leak of usability in production. We correct the weaknesses and improve the work experience.


We are currently developing of a non confocal Raman sensor system. This allows the detection of an average spectrum of a large sample at once. Where confocality allows the analysis of small amounts in µliters, we hope to offer a new instrument to measure samples in the litre scale. Stay tuned.