Research and development

You can trust our experience and competence in developing your system. Most often, the integration of a system in the daily working process decides about the usability and the gain of it. 


We try hard to make a system as hidden as possible, since it needs to be avaible when needed, but should not disturb if not. For example, that is why our systems are delivered with a pre-configured software on integrated computers. This let the system work stand-alone, sending relevant data to your servers or to our optional server software. It is your choice to use the results for process control or for creating output for the operator.

On the other hand, the use of optical fibres allows us to seperate the place of the measurement and the periphery.  This results in less interferences of your main systems.


Different techniques can be combined in a single systems. However, multiple systems can operate stand-alone and their results will be merched on server site. 


Whatever is required. We provide a full solution made of optics, mechanics, electronics, software and integration. Please do not hesitate to start a discussion with us.