optoneering GmbH was founded by Dr. Matthias Eberhardt and Marius Henrich in 2019 to improve customer relations and services. Our profession is the development of spectroscopy systems for industry and handheld devices.  This includes optics, mechanics, electronics and software. Customers appreciate the seamless inclusion of our systems in their daily work processes.

Having an instrument or system from OMT ?

With optoneering GmbH we are able to continue the service and follow suppport requests for systems and instruments provided by omt GmbH and omt:sys. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.


Our key competence is all about spectroscopy. Using transmission, reflection and absorbtion measurement systems, we analyse thin films (single or multiple layers) or the color metric of the product. Raman allows getting chemical information of samples or products.


We help you to evaluate best techniques for solving your tasks. Purchased instruments are maintained on site by experts and we provide hands-on training.

R & D

Inline or online measurements are required? Any specific lab instrument is needed? You can gain form our manyfold expertise in planning, developing and building industrial sensor systems.